声呐在线记录仪(Sonar Data Logger)


Part Number.:#G2010 / #G2021


高度集成, 免维护设计, 适用各种水库,湖泊及近海水文调查测试。配合无人水文测量船将使得测量变得前所未有的安全和轻松。内建SD卡记录器, 可将测量数据保存为 csv, tsl2, txt 文件.在选配标准GPS(或者RTK),以及处理软件后, 可以快速精确的创建水下河床/海床的3D地貌。用户可以由SD卡导入声速表, 无用户设置, 系统自动采纳内部0~40摄氏度标准声速表。标准RS232串口数据输出, 可以接DTU或其他无线电台, 方便在岸上实时观察测量结果。

Highly integrated, maintenance-free design, suitable for a variety of reservoirs, lakes and near-water surveys. Cooperating with USV(Unmanned Surface Vehicle) will make measurements safer and easier than ever. Built-in SD card recorder can save measurement data as csv, tsl2, txt files. After matching standard GPS (or RTK) and processing software, it can quickly and accurately create 3D maps for underwater riverbeds/seabeds. The user can import the Acoustic Velocity Range from the SD card without user settings. The system automatically adopts the standard Acoustic Velocity Range with internal 0~40 degrees Celsius. Standard RS232 data output, can be connected to DTU or other radio stations to facilitate real-time observation of measurement results on the shore.




Physical(结构参数) Dimensions(外形尺寸) 15.5 x 8.8 x 3.4 cm (L x W x D)
Display(显示器) 128 x 64 pixels FSTN sun viewable LCD
Weight(重量) 1 kg (2.2 lbs)
Connectors(接插件) LEMO 0B & 1B series
Environmental(环境) Operating temperature(使用温度)  -5°C – 50°C (23°F – 122°F)
Humidity(使用湿度)  95% non condensing
Ingress protection rating(防护等级) IP56
Power(供电) Power consumption(功耗)  0.85 watts (approx operating time 6 hours)
Internal battery(内部电池) Rechargeable high capacity Li-ion battery
Raido voltage output(外设供电) 4.2 VDC / 0.2A
Charger(充电器) 12.6V Li-ion battery charger
Wireless Connectivity
 (Optional /
915MHz Radio(915MHz电台) 2000m(* Line of sight)
2.4G Radio(2.4GHz电台) 500m(* Line of sight)
Echo Sounder
Mode(测量模式) Auto shallow, auto or manual
Depth range(深度范围) 0.4 – 30 m (1.3 – 98 ft) @ 455kHz
(Optional) 0.6 – 40 m (1.9 – 131 ft) @ 115KHz kHz
(HXF-2xx Optional) 0.5 – 100 m (1.7 – 328 ft) @ 200 kHz
(HXF-2xxOptional) 1.0 – 200 m (3.3 – 656 ft) @ 79 kHz
Ping rate(刷新速率) 1 – 20 Hertz, depth dependent
Pulse length(脉冲数量) highFreq(1 – 30 cycles), LowerFreq(1 – 20 cycles)
TVG(时间控制增益) None
Manual gain(手动增益) 25% 50% 75% 100%
Acoustic Velocity Range(声速) auto or manual(1350 – 1750m (4,429 – 5,741 ft))
Draft(深度补偿) 0 – 10 m (1 cm increments)
Accuracy(精度) 1 cm ± 0.1% of depth
(455KHz: ±3cm when depth < 1m)
(200KHz: ±6cm  when depth < 1m)
Resolution(分辨率) 1 cm
Transducer Options
Standard(标准换能器) 455/115KHz, 12°/30° beam width @-3dB
Optional 200/79 kHz(可选换能器) 200/79 kHz, 8°/30° beam width @-3dB
Data Storage
Internal Memory micro SD card( 4~32Gb)
Data Format *.tsl2 / *.csv / *.txt (user config with sd card)
External Data
GPS input(GPS接输入) NMEA 0183
Data output(数据输出) NMEA 0183