ALL-IN-ONE System for Bait Boat


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XR500 is an ALL-IN-ONE system for R/C boat, which combined remote with advanced sonar, GPS and autopilot function.



 - Advanced echo sounder with HD image, 8 Color Palette for daytime & dark night fishing.

 - Route plotter with depth information, the route can be reload as 2D map.


 Autopilot system with the 10th generation high accuracy GNSS receiver.

 - Compasses at boat & handheld side, the boat heading is also given when in stationary state.

 - 5 favorite spots can be defined out of 100 saved waypoints.

 - Click the Joystick to select a point on map, and start autopilot.

Boat Controlling

 - Support up to 8 channels of remote control.

 - Quiet arrival feature to eliminate the noise when boat approaching the spot.

 - CCS mode to free your hand, one button to active cruise control system, boat always run in straight line.

 - Arrived actions: can config to release bait-box, hook, light after boat arrive target.

 - Fail-Safe: automatically return to HOME point after signal lost lasting 20s.


· SD card storage support import/export settings, waypoints, and software upgrade.

· *.tslw log file support, can record all sonar & GPS info to SD card.

· Google kml file support.


Handheld Device  TFT Color Screen  5 inch,HD 800*480pixels
 Power  type-C input,DC5V 3A
 Battery  3pcs 18650(Optional)
 Built-Li-ion Charger  Yes
 Battery life  8 hours
 AC-DC power supply  Optional
 Water Proof  Splashproof
 Radio frequency  2.4GHz FHSS
 Radio Power  20dBm(300m RC distance,Depends on usage environment)
 Case size  268*120*42mm
BCS-BOX  Signal Interface  PWM,PPM,Uart(optional)
 Channels of Receiver  8
 GNSS/Compass Port  RS232,19200bps
 Fail-safe  YES(automatically return to HOME point after signal lost lasting 20s)
 Power Input  DC 3.5/1.35mm DC6~16V/200mA
Echo Sounder  Max.Depth  40m
 Sonar coverage  60 degree
 Ping Rate  6Hz
 Sonar Software Engine  Gen3
 Hardware Gain Adjustable  Yes
 User Defined Color Scheme Support  Yes
 Color Route to Indicate Depth(2D Map)  Yes
 tslw logger for SonarViewer  N/A
 Power Input  DC 5.5/2.1mm DC9~16V/200mA
Navigate Sensor  GPS Accuracy(CEP)  1.5m(SBS or QZSS)/2.5
 Compass at Boat Side   Yes
 Compass at Dispaly Side  Yes
 Other Sensors  3-axis Gyro,3-axis Accelerometer
Autopilot  Two propellers boat support  Yes
 propeller & Rudder boat support  Yes
 Steering Sensitivity Adjustable  Yes
 Push-Go Key(shortcut)  Yes
 Pick up waypoint form map  Yes
 High speed boat support  1~5m/s
 Cruise Control System  Yes
 Quiet Reach Mode  Yes,lower speed when approach the target
 Favourite Points ShortCut  5 favourite waypoint shortcut
 Arrive Actions  Yes,open bait-boxes,release hook as config
 Waypoint Number  100 with depth & time info