The Super Fast Bait Boat


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CBOAT is a smart remote control bait boat, which is generally used to help fisherman transporting baits to a target position on water. The streamline concept of Cboat shape design was from supercar and yacht. It integrated the handle into the body, which make it more fashionable and professional. Cboat uses an Brushless motor and DSS (double sealing system) water proof technique, which guarantee no water leaking even being used under bad water condition. And with GPS function, it can guarantee the user transporting baits to the same position every time. Which is very important during fishing. Moreover, the most attractive design for the Cboat is the controlling system. It integrated all electronic system into 2 boxes, ESC box and CCU box, which make it more stable and very easy for maintain.



2.4 GHz 6-channel remote control
Up to 4kg bait capacity / Volume total 4 Liter ( 2 liters per hopper )
Standard 2 Li-ion battery (18000 mah /11.1v) provide more than 0.5hours running time at max speed (optional)
Total weight 4.2kg (battery not include & without lure)
R/C Range 500m to 1000m, depending upon environmental conditions
Dimensions 70cm*23cm*32cm
Special weeds protection
Failsafe-system as standard
Two separately controllable hopper releaseing
Non-wearing and easy-to-use magnetic pin hook releasing system
High performance Brushless motor 
SONAR/GPS/Autopilot pre-designed. Easy Plug and Play without demaging the body
State of the art elctronic control system provide top reliability even under the toughest conditions
Special handle design with rubber protection providing comforatble grabing

The streamlined design increases the speed of the ship


Boat  Motor  2 Brushless motor
 Bait capacity   4kg (2kg/bait box)
 Max speed  4.6m/s
 Battery(not included)  11.1V/18Ah
 Battery life/range  1hour/16km
 Radio power  20dBm(500m RC distance , Depends on environment)
 Weight (battery not included)  4.2Kg
 Dimension  70*23*32CM
GPS/Autopilot  GPS  Yes
 Waypoints   100
 Cilck to Go  Yes
 CCS mode  Yes
 Quiet reach  Yes
 Arrived actions  Yes
 Speed limitation   Yes
 Failing-safe  Yes
 Display size   2.8" color TFT, 320*240 Pixels
 Battery for handheld(not included)  2*14650 lithium battery
 Battery life for handheld   8hours (with 1200mAH 14650 battery)
 Waterproof  IP3 waterproof(safe from vertical splashing)